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96 dt140

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  • 96 dt140

    Have a 2 stroke carb'd oil injected dt140, turns over great but won't start, continuous beeping from binnacle when ignition key is in 'on' position, has good compression on all 4 (125+) and spark, cylinders are getting fuel.

    Has oil in the oil tank, after getting home tonight from working on, looks like I may need to bleed the oil injection pump, I'll try that next.

    Anyone know what the fast continuous beep when the binnacle ignition key is on means? It's not a pattern, just a continous fast beeping that never stops in the 'on' position, with motor not running.

    Previous owner was running on 2 stroke mix, I thought motor should at least start. Also wondering if maybe I'm missing a binnacle wiring plug connection somewhere. Anyone have binnacle wiring diagram for the older dt140's ?

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    I think I can help. I have the same motor (1991) with a jet pump (not a propeller). I have the manual for the motor with the wiring diagram. Pretty sure the alarm is the cooling water sensor. I have replaced mine twice in the short time I have owned it. They are a pain. Some folks jump the wires which shuts the alarm off and just watch to be sure the cooling water is coming out the Pee hole.