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Tilt and Trim Problems

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  • Tilt and Trim Problems

    I ave a bafflng problem with my 2001 Yamaha F100 that I am hoping someone will have some ideas on.

    I replaced the power tilt assembly, put everything back together and everything was working perfectly.

    I noticed after a little while that the motor was slowly lowering under its own weight.

    I took out the manual relief screw and noticed that the circlip which holds the spring and push rod had come out. Simple I thought - I replaced the relief screw and reassembled.

    Now the tilt will not lift the motor up, or hold the motor under its own weight.

    When I take the tilt unit off the boat, it goes up and down freely, and seems to have plenty of power, but as soon as it is put back onto the boat it doesn't have the power to lift the motor or hold it.

    I have literally taken off every single nut/bolt/spring/valve on the unit and reassembled, and I am stumped.

    I have thought it could be an air block but ive tried bleeding it to no avail.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Did the replacement unit come with a warranty ?


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      No, I bought it some time ago but only just got around to installing it.

      It feels at the moment like there is no manual relief screw in (but there is)


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        Is it possible that something got between the ball and it's seat?
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          I want to replace gaskets in 2007 Yamaha 150 4 stroke trim tilt . It takes a specific tool to un screw the cylinder end. any suggestions of where to purchase or rent this tool as it looks as there are different hole sizes on cylinder.