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Stuck DT85 Flywheel

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  • Stuck DT85 Flywheel

    Ok so have to get this damn flywheel off, im using a good brand USA made car balancer removerer, i using hi tensile bolts with stainless washers, I have got it as fardown as I can, Im wheel chair bound and 150 kilos I can really put the muscle onto this tool, she won’t budge, tapping as gently as I can ontop of puller and around the flywheel, im wary of soft alloy and bearings etc so im being as ginger as I dare, I have just filled the nut well with atf fluid I was told to try it, im stumped now as to how to proceed, I was also told to stick a heat gun on it while its under tension, heat for an hour rap on top of puller, keep doing until it releases, im thinking I’m tape the heat gun to the puller so its pointing directly on to the end of the crank, ive left the nut on it with a few turns in case she pops.

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    Just get an assistant to hit the center bolt .----No need to be gentle here.-----Do not use heat.


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      a good smack on the center bolt with a 32oz ball peen hammer is usually what it takes
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        I busted my puller pulled the guts out of it ive broken 3 sets of 8.8 hi tennsile bolts the frigging thing still won’t give in, bought a new puller and more bolts today, been at it all arvo, I did buy a new heavy lump hammer, that’s morrows job , it must have 100 foot pounds or more torque on the tool now, we used a couple of torque extenders ie water pipe to get it down as far as we can, if it pops tonite it’ll hit the moon lol, I’ll beat the Jesus out of it with lump hammer in the morning, hopefully it’ll let go, I bought a Wagner heat gun as a last resort.


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          You don't have to beat the bejeesus out of it...just 1 or 2 good whacks...it's the shock that frees it up...not the beating