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1984 Suzuki dt140 tilt/trim help

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  • 1984 Suzuki dt140 tilt/trim help

    Good evening everyone, new here.

    I have had many boats and always had outboards.

    After a break from boats I've recently purchased a speed boat and bought a 1985 Suzuki dt140

    Working my way through the list of issues and came across the tilt and trim not working.

    Took the motor apart and the key between the motor and pump was off so put it back on and motor pumped oil lovely, reassembled it all and the tilt and trim will only tilt down and not up, can hear the motor working both ways just doesn't move...if I hold the trim up button I start to hear a bit of a screeching sound. Have tried lifting it manually, fling the reservoir and putting g it down on the motor a few times but still no joy. The tilt won't hold the engine up either it just let's it drop, any help would be much appreciated


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    Could be low on hydraulic fluid. Locate the fill hole. On mine its a 15MM socket. Low fluid will keep the tilt from lifting up the engine. Fill until it starts to flow out the hole.

    After leaking for months, I added some Lucas stop leak a few days ago to one of my F225s (2005). It's red and thick - reminded me of tranny fluid. First day after adding I still had red drops on the water when I worked the tilt up and down.

    But today, I went overboard into the water with a 15MM socket and ratchet and added some more. I hit the tilt up switch on the side of the motor and it went up fine. AND No leaks either.

    I live in the Bahamas. Water temp is about 78 degrees. I brought a mask to see exactly where it was leaking - but it didn't leak any today.

    I have a 42 foot Performance with three F225s, and to haul it downtown at the Marina to change or fix a power tilt leak costs $550 (just to haul). Taking off a power tilt for new O rings (rebuild) is expensive. Tilt has to come off the boat. tilt motor and harness too.

    Hope this helps somebody.

    Lucas Stop leak - the red and thick stuff - really works (so far).