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2017 Yamaha F115LB

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  • 2017 Yamaha F115LB

    Need some help. Went to take our Yammie out and as we are driving from boathouse we discovered no stream (pee) on left side and on right side water coming out of hose broken from the nipple on this “flushing device” (?? Name). I am not certain how this became broken or if it is a “flushing device”. Does this hose bring water up from the foot and push it through the intake for cooling? If not is it related to not seeing a stream on left side? Need name for part to order another. Any help / advice is appreciated.
    I discovered this hose broken off with the nipple. Green is how it connects. Piece with broken nipple from owner manual.

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    Okay, I gound the part! Crowley Marine in Miami has a nice website that enables you to visually look at your engine. In my case, lower cowling. Identify the part. It has clickable links that you can order part etc. The part is a Joint, hose located below cowling on port side. Cost less that $4. But apparently the hose allows water to pass through intake. If it’s broken the water escapes at the broken connection instead of circulating through and coming out the foot as a stream. Temp warning alarm alerts to cooling issue. Hopefully, problem solved...