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1987 C90 tilt piston stops at trim start and won't come down

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  • 1987 C90 tilt piston stops at trim start and won't come down

    Hello everybody I am new to this website.
    trying to work on a 1987 Yamaha C90 Trim & Tilt issue. I replaced the motor filled the unit primed it but the Tilt piston rod stops when it lowers to the trim rods.
    the trim rods go down but the tilt piston doesn't move. I can bounce the engine like there's air in there but there is no air.
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    you cannot compress fluid, so it has to have air in it if it moves


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      That's why I turned to this post because I am baffled
      And need help.
      I removed the Tilt cap it was leaking and replaced the O-ring and Polly ring slid it back in place filled it with transmission fluid also filled Reservoir with transmission fluid I've move the motor up and down 50 times by hand with the manual release open I hooked a clear hose up like an IV bag so I can see air bubbles motor runs up motor runs down perfect but once it comes in contact with the trim rods tilt piston stops going down trim rods go all the way down and you can bounce the engine


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        When you crack open manual relief everything goes all the way down