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Sherwood G85 rebuild

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  • Sherwood G85 rebuild

    The sherwood G85 raw water pump is discontinued, I am purchasing a rebuild kit ( 23977). Where can I find the installation instructions for putting the bearings and seals on the shaft and in the housing?
    There is no replacement pump for this. My engines an Volvo AQ240A.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


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    Re: Sherwood G85 rebuild

    Here 'ya go:

    I've done my E35's a couple times and it's not all that difficult if you use a press.
    Consider yourself lucky- the G85 doesn't require a carbon bushing (like the E35). They break when you touch 'em....
    Good luck!
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      Re: Sherwood G85 rebuild

      Carden, there is an alternative to the AQ240A pump if you have enough space in front of the engine.

      That would be a Sherwood, Jabsco or Johnson crankshaft pump like the later Volvo Pentas.
      This would eliminate the belt driven Sherwood pump, one belt and the pump bracket.
      You have to modify the suction hose and t-stat housing supply hose, but its a one time affair and not a big deal.

      You can find the F5b-9 for around $150/160 when on sale .

      People with the belt driven pumps tend to defer impeller replacement and removal because the pump needs to be removed.
      The crankshaft pumps are easy to pull the impeller for the winter lay up by removing the cover only.
      These also have no belt tension side load on them and the bearing generally outlast the belt driven pump bearings.

      Just a thought.


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        Re: Sherwood G85 rebuild

        The chrankshaft pump is for Chevy engines, and has a different bolt pattern than the Ford crankshaft.
        Don S.

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          Re: Sherwood G85 rebuild

          Well, if the Johnson doesn't work, the P105 does. I'm fairly certain that both use the same pattern.

          Crankshaft mounted Raw Water Pump
          used on raw water and fresh water cooled GM 305, 350, 454 CID V8 and Ford 302, 351 CID V8 Engines
          Fits Pleasurecraft, Volvo, Crusader, Indmar and Marine Power applications
          Inlet Port: 1-1/4"
          Outlet Port: 1-1/4"
          OEMs: Pleasurecraft RA057026; Crusader RA057026; Sherwood P105
          Uses SHE10615K Impeller Kit (1-5/8" Wide X 2-9/16" Diameter)
          Data Sheet (PDF)


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            Re: Sherwood G85 rebuild

            Thanks Guys, I actually have already ordered the inners for the G85. Im presuming that the bearing and seals can all be put on the shaft rather easily and I can use an arbor press to then push that into the housing.
            As far as the replacement pump (P105) I knew there had to be a different pump that would work.

            Thanks for all your help!