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Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

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  • Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

    I have recently purchased a project boat - Bayliner Contessa 28' 1985 in great condition except
    for the engine, transom assembly and outdrive. The engine in it is a Volvo Penta 260A and the
    numbers on the transom assembly in the engine compartment are Drive Unit 867900 8505 serial number 701019. The outdrive itself is a duoprop but has no info on it. I have a complete
    replacement engine which I was advised to get by 3 different volvo Penta guys. It is a 572/PS S/N 4100135937 model #? 868518. Other numbers on the data plate of this engine state: Drive Unit DP-C 872205 and 3102124750 (SN?). It also says Transom assembly 104114011 and 4101508441
    Phew!!! I was advised this engine is a much newer version of the 260A. My question is what
    transom assembly and outdrive are compatible with this engine and the existing hole in the
    boat? Or will I need to adapt something?

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    Re: Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

    the DPC is one of the aq series drives similar to my 5.7 Volvo C1 Duoprop . it will be the large foot print transom shield... not the small SX DP-S style. your contessa v/p drive is also aq series 280 r so.
    If you plan to use the all of the 572 DP-C drive, youll want to make a template of the dpc transom shield and lay it against the transom cutout and see what needs to be modified..an adapter is not needed.
    The dp-c is an excellent drive system.. id sure use it if it were me.
    should be no issues with the engine and this drive used in the Bayliner Contessa 28' .
    heres a link that will give you parts schematics for the 572


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      Re: Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

      Great! Thanks for the info!


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        Re: Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

        Here is a drawing that shows the cutout you will need (290-DP-E) for the DP-C transom shield. You now have the 270/280 cutout.
        The drawings shown are with the crankshaft centerlines all in the same spot. That little bit of overlap shown where the 280 is larger is not a problem.
        You can also view the full size template here http://www.4shared.com/document/3ODA...template.html?
        I would suggest getting the full size template from your local dealer to layout on the transom.
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          Re: Volvo Penta 572/PS engine and transom/outdrive compatibility

          Thanks, that is really helpful and just what I need.
          I'm greatful for both lots of advice I've received on this, both being just the help I
          was hoping for!