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Volvo penta died on me when I gave it throttle

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  • Volvo penta died on me when I gave it throttle

    I have a 5.0 I/O Volvo penta in a 21' 2002 seaswirl trophy. I haven't had the boat for long and almost got stranded in the puget sound last week because the engine was dying on me when I would give it throttle.

    I was fishing for a few hours, ran to a new spot and fished some more with the main engine off. Once I was ready to head home I started the main engine and gave it throttle. The engine started to stutter like it wasn't getting gas and then died just before I was on plane. There was a weird burnt gas smell by the engine. I tried to restart and it would turn over but not stay running. Tried to put the throttle all the way down as if it was flooded and start and nothing then either.

    My buddy and I worked on it for a little while, couldn't see anything obvious so I gave it another try after about 5 minutes. This time it started right up and we headed home with no problem.

    This has me a little worried though, could it have just been water in the gas? <Maybe it was flooded or a bad fuel pump?

    Anyone experience anything like this or know what I should do to troubleshoot it? Ling cod opens up this weekend and I need her running good so I can take my kids out with me and not stress.


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    Re: Volvo penta died on me when I gave it throttle

    Need more info than just 5.0 volvo penta, what's the full model number or the serial number of your engine.
    Don S.

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