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Volvo Penta Stutters, Stalls, Dies

This topic is closed.
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  • Volvo Penta Stutters, Stalls, Dies

    The original thread to this was closed.

    Here's the answer, the new shop R&Rd or adjusted:

    1. Fuel pump
    old 7.8V new 18.0V
    old 5.8P new 5.5P
    2. Carb setting and choke system
    Jets 67-68 up to 79
    3. Distributor advanced curve
    4. Distributor gear

    My last failure on this stutter, stall, die problem occurred at 90 minutes. Earlier failures occurred at 45 mins. This shop only had it on the lake for an hour testing their repair, so we'll see.

    This problem needs dyno testing to truly isolate the cause(s) I guess.

    My first two shops troubleshooting this didn't have the equipment, so they were just barnstorming a best guess, I guess, based upon their experience and an ohm meter.

    I hope this helps someone.

    My next boat will be a motorcycle.

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    Re: Volvo Penta Stutters, Stalls, Dies

    Originally posted by slowbreak101 View Post
    The original thread was closed.

    Here's the answer:

    Fuel pump
    old 7.8V new 18.0V


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      Re: Volvo Penta Stutters, Stalls, Dies

      Not sure why your thread was closed, but I opened it back up, so go ahead and post your reply to the original post. Then everyone will know what is going on.
      Don S.

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