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Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

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  • Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

    I have a 2001 Glastron SX 175 with a 3.0L Volvo GSM-A engine, and a Volvo SX-M outdrive. My shift cable has been difficult to move for awhile...I am replacing the controller, and would like to replace the cables while I am at it.

    Removing the cable from the conroller is easy. At the drive end, I see that the shift cable goes through a hose in the engine compartment, and then out into the outdrive. I removed the one nut where it attaches to the shift mechanism in the outdrive. Does anyone know if that is the only thing to detach before the cable comes out? I don't see anything else holding it in place, but it doesn't want to move with some light pulling. I wanted to check with you smart folks before I pull harder on it. If there isn't anything else holding it in place, does it matter which end I pull on to remove it?

    I have the manual...it talks about adjusting the cable, but doesn't describe how to remove it.

    Thanks for any information!

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    Re: Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

    There is a 'keeper' on the outside of the drive. The clip is just behind where the cable goes through the drive and runs beside the exhaust bellows. Loosen the bolt that holds the clip, and the clip will slide over. The cable has a flat spot that the clip holds in place. Once the bolt is loosened, the cable will slide out. Then pull it through the hose.
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      Re: Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

      Thanks Sparkinator! I'll do that tonight...


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        Re: Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

        Not wanting to hi-jack, but you said you changed your controller, what was wrong with it, and how did you get the lever off? I have a 1998 with some controller problems, and think it is the control box.
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          Re: Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

          My old controller has been touchy since I got the boat. It has a button in the center that you push for cold starts - to disengage the shifter, and only work the throttle. Anyway, that button would not pop out at times, wouldn't disengage the shifter at other times...so I could get not always count on being able to get the boat in gear. I took it apart a few times, cleaned old greese off, put a little new greese on, inspect the springs, etc. Everything looked OK, as far as I could tell. It was never crisp, or smooth, but basically worked on muffs in my driveway, and at the dock....but the controller hated me and always knew the worst possible time to cause issues. lol...


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            Re: Removing shift cable in Volvo SX-M drive

            Originally posted by honeys money View Post
            how did you get the lever off?
            Oh, the lever on my old controller is easy to take off. There is a cover over the arm that prys off, then I have a bolt (5/8", I think) to remove to get the arm off.

            I don't have to remove the lever in my new controller...I can slide the whole mechanism under the outer gunwale, and then slip the controller arm/lever into the boat through the hole. I hope I never have to take my new controller apart! :-)