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Annoying alarm at 4000 rpm's

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  • Annoying alarm at 4000 rpm's

    Hello. Hopefully someone can shed some light on my situation. Long story short : i blew the head gasket and had it repaired by my tech. Tech told me that the carb will need to be replaced eventually because it's nearly impossible to adjust it and the throttle seems to be stuck partially open (can be pushed back in place).
    Got the boat in the water and the thing would not idle correctly (mech had told me before hand that he had difficulty adjusting it). Went to for a ride and ran good when not idling. Pushed the boat to 4000 rpm's and an alarm went off. Backed it down, alarm went off. So it would do every time I arrived at 4000 rpm's. Came back home, looked under the hood, and noticed that the PVC valve was not stuck in properly and that the grommet was cracked. Pushed it back in, and started it up. It would then idle much better, but not perfectly. Went for another ride thinking that the alarm had probably something to do with the PVC valve. 4000 rpm'm, alarm goes off again. Oil pressure is fine, temperature is fine, all gages show normal.

    I don't know much about boats, but if the tech adjusted the carb with the pvc valve out, will it need to be re-adjusted? Any ideas about that alarm at 4000rpms?
    Cheers and thanks!