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Boat won’t turn over when hot

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  • Boat won’t turn over when hot

    New to the game just bought my first boat and already having an issue. 99 Four Winns Horizon 4.3 Volvo Penta. Alright so I’ll take it out one day and it runs great all day no issues but if I take it out the next day, it’ll run but as soon as I stop for a period of time for a cold one or two it won’t turn over or it will but I’ll only get 40ft and it’ll shut off on me and it won’t turn back over. I’ll give it a few pumps of gas and it sounds like it’s about to turn over but then just goes straight to the sound of the starter turning. I’ve replaced the fuel pump, filter and battery. Is it just vapor lock or am I doing the start up procedure wrong for a warm engine? Help?? I’ve also tried putting Ether in the carb and it started up but then died as if it wasn’t getting enough fuel.

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    Maybe have the Moderators move this to the Volvo-Penta section of the forum.

    "turn over" . . . as in running ?

    I assume you have a carburetor, not fuel injection ? maybe give us the exact model # of the engine . . . that always helps

    Sure sounds like vapor lock. Try running the bilge blower while you are going and for a few minutes after you stop for a beer (or three).

    Also, maybe open up the engine compartment cover for a couple of minutes to let some heat out once you are stopped/anchored.
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