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SX Outdriive removal

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  • SX Outdriive removal

    I’m removing my engine and outdrive to do a transom replacement. Just a quick question- I recall seeing something saying the shifter should be placed in gear prior to removing the cable from the outdrive. Is this necessary and if so, forward or reverse? Thanks.

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    If I remember correctly, you have to remove the screw and shift cable guide from the side of the Outdrive. Then pop off the back cover off the Outdrive and you’ll find where the cable joins to the shift mechanism. You need to remove a pin to free up the shift cable. Then you should be able to remove the Outdrive. On Mercruiser drives they definitely need to be in gear.


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      You don't have to put an SX drive in gear to remove it. With the cover off and cable disconnected you can easily shift it in and out of gear by hand. Once you have the cover off you'll see how to disconnect the cable. On the right side of the drive is the cable housing retainer that you loosen to allow the drive to slide back away from the cable and cable housing.

      When installing the drive, it's handy to have it in gear so when you're trying to line up the spline with the engine coupler, you can turn the prop so the spline turns to help with engagement.

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