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  • engine recommendations Michigan

    Hey guys been a long time lurker in this forum, and many thanks for the helpful posts!!
    Wanted to share some experience I’ve had here over in Michigan for anyone shopping for reman engines. Due to posts on here I went with rapido marine out of Florida. I ordered a 1990 era 350 with a “300” hp option (flat top pistons, higher tension valve springs, and a different cam)

    original inspection of the engine was good(long block with heads already on). Shame on me for not doing a compression test. After the break in period (10 hours btw idle and 1500rpm) I opened it up, after an hour the intake valve tuliped enough that it had no compression. After doing a compression test I found multiple cylinders with the intake valve not seating. I argue these heads were never redone or machined, nothing looked newer. I disassembled per rapido marine and took pictures for warranty. I was told I had too much fuel going to the cylinders which caused that. I still don’t understand that logic but they did approve the warranty nonetheless. I was told the new heads would be ready in a few days and shipped out. Two weeks later they still had not shipped and couldn’t coordinate with their shipping department. I had said I would just source them locally to be redone if I could and we agreed to just reimburse me the cost of the block without heads ($200). It has been a month and I still have not received the refund.
    also I kept the heads off my old block (cracked)which was original to the boat (1990) and from Florida. I took the heads to Chesterfield Engines here in Michigan ( excellent work btw) who said they would reuse my old heads because the ones supplied by rapido were near wore into the cylinder firing ring and would cause me issues. I agreed. Upon inspection they also told me the springs were not upgraded and the keepers and such were not new but used parts. I also have to add that neither the head or the block surface off the reman engine were machined or cleaned up. Also this engine that rapido sold me as having this “upgrade” was also bored to 0.060 over, the most that is acceptable in a 350. And from what I understand shouldn’t happen in an upgraded engine let alone a boat engine.
    If I could do it over again I would not go with this company.

    I am am one of those consumers that researches a lot before I make a purchase and I feel I should share this information with others so they may make a more informed decision.

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    Have heard + and - with Repido and have no personnel info with them

    intake valve tuliped

    I was told I had too much fuel going to the cylinders which caused that.
    Tuliped valves are caused by the fuel mix being to lean so it gets real hot in the combustion chamber.
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      Did you use your old manifolds ?


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        I have also heard mixed reviews about Rapido

        BTW....you are in Michigan, in the middle of the midwest where there are engine builders nearly in every city that do nothing but build quality engines every day...... and you mail ordered a re-man'd motor from Florida?

        seriously most of the nations top engine builders are located in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio..... where there is everything from dirt track racing to circle track racing to bus racing to boat racing.......

        I would have went local from the start if you are looking at a 1990 vintage build.

        There are also many places that sell new motors, these are all over, including your local GM dealer.
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          Should have looked into Michiganmotorz.
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