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OMC Penta 3.0 - Water gushing out of #4

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  • OMC Penta 3.0 - Water gushing out of #4

    Hey everyone, I've heard as bad as cracked block, and as simple as head gasket. Anyone been into this before? Thoughts?


    Milky oil Plug #4 Exhaust full of water

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    Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,...... I'll go with cracked block/ cracked head,.....

    Now,..... How 'bout some backstory history on this situation,..??


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      Bondo - I have no history unfortunately. I just bought it 3 weeks ago. I've only run it on muffs in the driveway. Noticed the misfire almost immediately, shut it down, pulled the plug, found it wet. Replaced the cap, rotor, wires,plugs... no change. Was setting up for a compression test when I saw the geyser for #4. Local marina said the 2 large water jackets at the back of the head freeze and push through the head gasket if not winterized properly (canadian winter). I just don't know if I show start looking for an engine, or tear this one down and see I find a smoking gun...

      Forgive my ignorance, but what makes you suspect a cracked block vs. a head gasket?



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        I just don't know if I show start looking for an engine, or tear this one down and see I find a smoking gun...
        Ayuh,..... It's rarely to never it's Just the head gasket,......

        Drain, 'n isolate the block by clampin' hoses, or whatever, 'n pressurize with air, 'bout 10/ 15 psi,.....

        Then Listen,...... through any holes ya got, spark plug holes, carb, exhaust, oil fill cap,......
        follow the sound to the problem,......


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          Ah, so basically replace water with air... may point me in the right direction.



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            There is water in the center exhaust gas passage that would put water in a cyl, but did you drain the manifold before pulling off the elbow? If not that could explain the water there...the gasket material and lack of rust suggest that the water in the cyl probably did not come from bad exhaust. These engines are very simple to drain, only a couple of drain plugs have to be removed and rodded out....that, and disconnecting the bottom end of the circulation pump on the front of the engine...
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