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Fuel pressure bleeding off 5.0 OSi-E

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  • Fuel pressure bleeding off 5.0 OSi-E

    In trying to troubleshoot my low power issue (you can read about that here: https://forums.iboats.com/forum/engi...to-hit-rpm-wot if you are really bored), I am starting with the basics on my 5.0 OSi-E (serial 4012110198). I am first looking at fuel pressure. When the pumps come on, the pressure jumps to 59-60 psi. When they shut off, it goes down to 50 psi. Normal from what the manual says.

    Now, the manual says in step 3 that the pressure is supposed to stay at that value (50 psi in my case) and not loose more than 2 psi over 10 minutes. Well, I am loosing about 15 psi in 3 minutes so I am bleeding off pressure somewhere. The manual says to go to step 10 where it says to"

    "Open the valve in the fuel pipe shut-off adapter that is connected to the fuel feed pipe."

    What/Where the heck is this valve and the shut-off adapter? The only thing I can find is the pressure regulator and the bleed/pressure port. Can someone help me locate these items so I can finish this part of the diagnosis?