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5.8fsi bogging issue

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  • 5.8fsi bogging issue

    Hi all, I’m new on here so please be patient while I learn and was hoping to get some thoughts or ideas. I have a 1996 four Winns 245 sundowner with 5.8fsi fuel injected Volvo Penta that has an issue with motor bogging when you take off, I can only get about 28mph, 3500rpms after waiting awhile. It was doing 4500rpm and about 38 or 40mph before issue started. I’m at about 5000feet in elevation and have propped down to a 17.
    The issue started last summer after returning from a trip to lake Powell where I used almost 60 gallons of gas a day for about a week which would almost empty the gas tank, Prior to that I usually filled up before half a tank a few times a summer. Anyway, first trip on it after returning to Colorado a week or two later we noticed ever now and again it would get up and plain, then it went to never plaining, 12mph maybe 2500 rpms. So I’ve changed a lot of items and now it is stuck at 3500rpms and 28mph or so. When idling or going slow everything sounds great but full throttle it Boggs down and you can hear the motor laboring. For the gas side I have changed the anti siphon valve at gas tank, low pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, and pressure is at 6psi on low pump and 36psi on high pump when idling. If I rev to 2000 rpms the high pump drops to 35 then goes back up but seams to fluctuate as the low pump is a solid reading with no fluctuations.
    For other items I have change the TPS sensor, map sensor, plugs, cap, rotor, I think it’s ecm on the right of coil. I have teased the plenum for leaks, looked for vacuum leaks. The timing is off a little, calls 5 and I think it is just slightly higher and plugs are gapped correctly at 40 to 42. Cleaned flame arrester and tried running with fuel cap open. Don’t see water in gas and when I stored it last winter I dumped fuel stabilizer and heat in tank for winter. Filled it first time out with about 30 gallons of premium fuel.
    i did put a code reader on it and got 11 and no codes.
    There has been a couple times this summer where the boat just runs like it should, fast getting on plane and about 4500 rpms but when I shut it off then it goes back to bogging and 28mph.
    boat has 370 hours and I have owned it for 10 years so I know it has been well cared for.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, would love to finish the boating season on a positive note knowing it’s fixed.

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    Try the SW pressure sensor. Sounds like it’s in and out of a guardian mode.


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      QBhoy, I will try anything at this point. I’m not for certain I know what that is? What’s the actual name and what does it do?
      Thanks for the response


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        rev to 2000 rpms the high pump drops to 35 then goes back up but seams to fluctuate as the low pump is a solid reading with no fluctuations.
        Run the motor from a 5 gallon gas can, this will eliminate the tank.

        Use a timing light to see how much advance your getting under way
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          I tried that on muffs and seamed fine but will try it again while under a load. When it’s not under a load it is revs fine and seams like there would be no issue.

          Thanks for the suggestion


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            We have the same motor and also both go to Powell. Yours is a 96 and mine is a 95. Knowing the fuel docks at Powell, I'd be inclined to say you got water in your fuel, more than likely from Dangling Rope Marina.

            But really, to me it sounds like you are intermittently going into limp mode. You don't have codes, so it's fortunately probably not the leaking capacitors in the ECM (computer).

            It's common on these motors for this to happen from a faulty oil pressure switch. (Limp mode, but no code displayed) They aren't expensive, but they are a known issue, so I'd try that first. You don't need to VP brand one either. The standard AutoZone special should work just fine.

            Let us know.
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