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Thinking about moving up.

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  • Thinking about moving up.

    Considering 2 different Carolina Classics both are comparably equipped. Boat G is a 2003 straight shaft (no jack shaft) Gas with twin Volvo Penta 8.1 fwc motors with 650 hours boat was very rarely fished mostly used for cruising 750 HP. Boat D is a 2004 straight shaft (no jack shaft) Diesel with twin Volvo Penta KAMD300a motors 890 hours. 600 HP. Owner is saying boat cruises at 28 kts.What I would like to know is if anyone has specs on these boats fuel burn cruise speed etc. Boat G owner does not post any cruise speed. I am trying to figure out if the gas would run the same as diesel. I understand the diesel develops more torque than the gas. So, is it safe to think that the gas would cruise the same as the diesel? There is a $20,000.00 difference in price on these 2 boats, with Boat G being more expensive. Diesel is about $.85 less per gallon than gas. At that rate I would need to use 23,529 gallons of fuel to justify the cost (never going to happen). Currently I have a 24 Albemarle Center Console with a carbed 5.7 with a jack shaft.Appreciate any thoughts and insights on this.

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    I haven’t heard of a kamd engine. I’ll look it up but there is details of most recent engines economy on line. Is it not a KAD engine ?