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VP 8.1 gsi will not start

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  • VP 8.1 gsi will not start

    Hi everybody, I have an problem with my VP 8.1 year 2001, it stopped working while running on the water. I got pulled back to marina, and after a day I was able to start it with no problem. Same thing happened a few days ago. Now I am not able to start it, engine cranks but will not start. My mechanic did run diagnostic check but he was not able to get communication with ECM module! Does anybody have any clue what is going on?

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    Without being able to connect to the ECM and get data, there is not too much that can be determined.

    You could check the basics like fuel and spark. From there, you will have to get info from the ECM. Sometimes the ECM itself goes bad, but not often. Check all the connections to the ECM and the various sensors to see if they are loose/corroded.
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      it stopped working while running on the water
      Explain this a bit more. Did it just die quick like turning the key off, or bog down a slowly die?
      Assuming your on plane and not just idling?

      When key is turned ON, do you hear the fuel pump run and hear any beeps?
      When cranking the motor over does the tachometer show around 300 rpm or so?
      Have you tried giving the motor a little bit of throttle when trying to start?
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