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AQ131D /230sp drive Propeller & temperature questions

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  • AQ131D /230sp drive Propeller & temperature questions

    Just got this boat in the water have owned it since last year. It seems like it won't stay on plane unless it's pushing over 4,000 RPMs. I want to try a different prop but I have no idea what's on it as there are no identifying numbers. What propeller fits the 230 drive from 1991? It seems like it may have a 13 or 15 pitch and I really want to go for a 19. How many splines?

    Also regarding temperature. It's a closed cooling system and after it's being on plane for a few minutes the temperature seems to get above 200f. I grabbed a laser thermometer and confirm the temperature of about 210 at the thermostat housing. It quickly cools down to below 200 when I throttle back. It doesn't get higher than 210. It's got a 7psi cap on it. Is this normal? Or is it too hot? I jave already replaced impeller and I am going to inspect the elbow that likes to corrode on the drive maube replace it in case its sucking air.

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    that fitting on the outdrive should be replaced every 2-3 years your motor should never be above 180

    as far as props, you prop it to what the motor can do. you prop it for your typical load at WOT and make sure you can hit the upper range of the RPM window. you dont jump from a 13 or 15 to a 19 unless you add a lot more power up front.

    lugging a motor will kill a motor

    turning 4000 RPM can be done all day, every day all the time. it wont hurt the motor.

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      Thanks for the info. I neglected to mention the boat only does about 28 mph WOT and its an 18 foot bowrider. 28 mph spinning 4300-4500 rpm feels like its its straining hard with one person on board.


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        I have the aq131d with an sp-a outdrive. At 4000 rpm I'm doing about 35 to 40kph and run around 180F. Never saw 200. Perhaps tour thermostat isn't opening?


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          Was at the campground for the summer and one of my neighbors asked me to look at his boat.
          AQ125 in a 21ft.
          Said the boat wouldn't get on plane easily and took forever.
          Wouldn't get the rpm's up.
          I checked the boat and found NOTHING.

          Then I noticed an old prop on the ground and a shiny new one on the drive.

          I asked when did the problem start?.
          He says just after the change.

          I asked if he changed the pitch, NO
          Asked why he changed?
          Answer: thought it was time for a new style.

          These older Volvo's need the Volvo prop.
          Even if it's the same pitch it still needs the broad sweep that the Volvo blades have.

          Changed it back and the boat ran perfect.

          Post a pic of the prop you have?
          This type might be the answer.

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