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AQ171 exhaust manifold

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  • AQ171 exhaust manifold

    I am looking at a 19 Ft Glasply with an Aq171 engine in it. The guy says it ran but needed a new exhaust manifol . I have read up on it and it appears that parts are very rare so pretty steeply priced. The hull appears to be in great shape and my brother in law has the identical boat and has had good luck with it. He claims to have a spare motor complete with the exhaust manifold and carbs I can get for an additional $400 bucks. A bit of a gamble but he only wants $750 bucks for the boat and its sitting on a decent galvinized trailer. I under stand I would be taking on a huge project and financial dilemma but i like a challenge. The question is what would my steps in the future be if I decide that I would rather just upgrade to a motor with cheaper parts? Are there motors that will bolt up to the out drive? Is there anyone that makes a replacement exhaust manifold that wont break the bank? If possible I would like to keep the spare motor complete for my boat or the broth in laws boat. Any insight would be great appreciated. I understand it would cost quite a but but I really like these Glasplys.

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    And what year? And which drive?

    I believe you have a 270. Many motors were in front of the 270, 280 and 290 drives from the 2.3 4 banger to larger V8s

    kenny nunez , you have more knowledge with older VPs than I do

    What drive was paired with the inline 6 for the 171? My guess a 4.3 would be a good replacement
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      Still waiting for a little bit of info. It is a 1976 19ft with small cuddy. Not sure about drive. I will ask when I talk to him next.


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        fyi, the aq171 was a 4 cyl motor from the mid 1980s. you most likely have an aq170, the inline 6 Scott mentioned, used in the 1970s. so be careful what parts you are searching for. that said I wouldn't want either motor. if you want a project, buy it. if you want to go boating, skip it. imo.
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          The AQ171 was a 4cyl with 2 carbs.


          The cost is good but the other parts your gonna need =$$$$

          The manifold is a comb with the riser and manifold log built into one unit.
          They can look beautiful but be rotten on the inside.

          Did a mechanical check on one for sale.
          The motor and manifold looked great.
          I reached back to the rear of the manifold and pushed a hole through the top.
          Pretty paint.

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