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2000 SX trim hose replacement

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  • 2000 SX trim hose replacement

    Hi all! I am replacing the trim hoses and in the process I now have to replace the cylinders and manifold block. Unfortunately, the treads in them came out with the hose fittings. Anyway, my question is how tight the fittings should be? once i put that manifold back in i don't want to have to go back and fix a leak. They all have a rubber o-ring but i just don't know how tight to make them. The manual says "securely attach hydraulic lines" Too tight and I smash the o-ring too loose and it leaks. Anyone have some advice on that?

    Also, how about some anti seize on the threads?? good or bad idea

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    Do not use copper based anti seize on any alloy parts. As for the hose fittings the "O" ring goes below the swaged area on the hyd hose and it is the swage that bottoms out on the alloy of the cylinder, the "O"ring creates the seal, but is not tightned against. Tighten the fittings firmly (ie. one hand on a short spanner) at a guess 7 to 10 lb ft.

    I replaced all including the manifold some years back, an awkward job, needed a slide hammer to get the manifold out of the transom shield.
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