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Fuel Pump?

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  • Fuel Pump?

    Hello everyone. I am having similar issue. Was driving along and felt boat turn sluggish. Was giving her gas but she wasnt moving as fast as she should. Slowed down for a bit, at low rpms (no wake zone) she felt okay. Was exiting no wake zone (thought i smelled some gas, so stopped her completely to idle and she died. Would not start after that.

    When I try to crank her, I hear fuel pump come on for about 2 seconds, but then turns off. She sounds like she wants to start but just won't. Sounds gas starved.

    Have a 2002 Larson 274 Cabrio with a Volvo Penta 5.7 GI Engine.

    Initial research pointing to fuel pump. Going to check the LP and HP pumps with a compression gauge tomorrow. Also going to check the regulator as well.

    I'm reading here about checking relays and jumping terminals. Wondering where and how you do the jumping? Where would I find the relay box. Any other fuel pump checks anyone suggests? How do I check voltage to fuel pump? Have volt meter

    Originally thought it was an alternator/battery issue, but when i got back to dock and charged up my batteries with shore power (one of my batteries was new), same issue. She sounds like she wants to but just doesnt.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that offers some assistance. Appreciate it.

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      Did you ever figure this out?

      I have the same issue with my Stardeck that has a 2002 Penta 5.0 in it?


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        sounds like only the low pressure pump is working. you should have 2 pumps on the front of the motor nect to the fuel water seperator. see if they both run when the key is 1st turned. if you cant tell, unplug one, then the other, chances are that 1 or both crapped out.