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Oil Leak Stop Additives

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  • Oil Leak Stop Additives

    I can't believe I am considering this, but I am out of options. I have a 83' Bayliner with an AQ125A. The main seal is leaking to the point where I didn't have to change the oil at the end of the season because I just kept adding it throughout the year (~20hours runtime). I bought the boat for $1500 bucks so I can't justify pulling the engine to replace the seal.

    Does anyone have any good experience with with leak stop additives? Any one product that works better than the others?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Ayuh,...... You have a mechanical problem,.....

    There's No mechanic in a can that's gonna fix it,.......

    I hate to think of how much oil yer pumpin' into the water that We all enjoy,.......


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      I can't believe you're considering doing it either lol

      Boat didn't cost much sooo throw some time and money at it and do it the right way.

      it will be fun.