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Power steering woes on 2000 VP 5.7 GSI with DP-Sm

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  • Power steering woes on 2000 VP 5.7 GSI with DP-Sm

    Okay when i got the boat the guy told me that a mechanic told him the actuator was bad. I discover the pump was bad in fact it was empty. When i added fluid to it it just came right out the seal, Anyway that is being replaced and i spent the day pulling the actuator. (That was fun). Anyway i was hoping it was the newer one that could be rebuilt. It looks like an older version and i can’t even seem to find a replacement. I would rather not do a used one and find myself back replacing it gain in short order. Anyone have one of these rebuilt or know where a new one could be found? Click image for larger version

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    Ayuh,..... Donno 'bout Volvo, but with a Merc, ya just update the actuator to the newer style,......

    I Assume it would also be an easy swap with a Volvo,......