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Switching from VP SX-M to SX-A

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  • Switching from VP SX-M to SX-A

    I've been trying in vain to remove my VP SX-M outdrive from the transom housing. I've tried every suggestion Ive run across on the internet. No luck.

    The reason I need to remove it is the boat I purchased had a blown engine, unbeknownst to me. I bought a brand spanking new motor from Michigan Motorz. While trying to remove the outdrive to install the new engine, things were going smoothly until I tried to remove the outdrive. I've invested a week. I've decided to purchase a new transom assembly and outdrive unit. The SX-A outdrive and transom mount assembly is roughly $4,000 cheaper than the SX-M.

    Can I mount this assembly without much modification? The boat is a 2004 Chaparral 215 SSI.

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    If you are swapping out the transom assembly along with the drive, your switch over should be no problem. Your still obviously need to get the old drive off before you can go further. Your drive shaft is probably frozen to gimble bearing or stuck to the splines of the hub. Have you tried placing a block of wood and using the rams method of pushing it out?
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      Yes, I tried that and broke the upper housing where the dipstick screws into to top.


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        I had a similar problem a few years ago.
        Skip to page 2 for a solution. Involves removing the pivot assembly to get the drive off and then breaking the gimbal housing/assembly apart to free the 6 mounting studs. That way you are only replacing the gimbal housing and the upper gearcase bearing cover - I broke that too with the piece of wood!
        Found replacements on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. Good luck!
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          I actually read your previous post in researching how to get this thing off! Great advice. I think I’m going to order the replacement parts, then use your method to separate the two. I’ll keep the upper unit as a spare.