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VP 4.3L Gxi

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  • VP 4.3L Gxi

    I'm going to look at a boat with a VP 4.3L Gxi, single prop out drive (SX? I'm new to VP). It's a 2006. Is there anything in particular on this model I/O that I should be looking at when considering purchase other than the basic odd noises, contaminated oil etc.??

    Any typical problem areas that these are notorious for?

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    A few issues with the MPI engines. Mainly electrical gremlins.
    Beat advice I can give is try and get a hold of a plug in diagnostic kit. Will tell you all you need to know.
    These things will store true running hours and for how long they have spent at any rpm too. Also show any faults lying too.
    Plugs are expensive too. Check the history as usual.
    Other than that. Great engines. Powerful and so efficient it’s almost unbelievable. Just need to keep on top of the usual suspects let down parts. IAC TPI etc. Bigger ones have the crap cap issue. Don’t think the 4.3 is affected. May be wrong though.


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      follow the check list on buying new to you boats (sticky in the general boating forum)
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        What version MEFI would a 2006 VP use? Or is it EGC? Would a paperclip jumper/test light method work to pull codes?
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          Originally posted by CJK440 View Post
          What version MEFI would a 2006 VP use? Or is it EGC? Would a paperclip jumper/test light method work to pull codes?
          That trick only works on auto's.
          You will need a very expensive tool to pull codes

          Only issue with VP"s are the low pressure fuel pump. If it's bad you will here it when it is going bad. They are only sold in a set. (high and low side) Other then that no problems.
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            I am already starting to miss my carbureted Merc. LOL. Hopefully I can correct my issue with std troubleshooting.

            What I am facing is the engine cranks at idle with no fire. If I advance the throttle in neutral I can get it to fire but only stay running by "pumping' the throttle and reving the engine. As soon as the throttle is held still at any position it dies.

            I do hear the fuel pump turn on with key on and i do see some pressure when I depress the schrader valve. I have a separator on the way and saw where pump paint can clog the regulator screen. I also read that a bad anti-siphon valve could contribute but not much luck finding a replacement part number....

            If it comes down to pump replacement does Quantum make a decent part considering its less than half the cost of an OE VP pump assembly?


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              I’d check the idle air control valve.