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Water pump bearing and impeller.

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  • Water pump bearing and impeller.

    My earlier posts disappeared. Or I can not find them, excuse I am asking twice the same info. Been a while that I have time to work on the boat.

    I am needing a new impeller , and water pump rebuild kit for Volvo Penta 305 . Can I rebuild the bearing myself ?
    I remember being told if I take the bearing apart if the shaft is grooved then need to replace pump as a whole.

    Looks like the shaft needs to be pounded thru the pulley to get bearing out. How hard is that metal , will tolerate get er done type removal?

    There was mention on an older post that a bearing rebuild kit includes an impeller.

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    Not sure this helps but i just got a kit to do the bearing and impeller from Marineparts_pumps. As soon as I get my power steering pump replaced I will be doing this project. (Oh and I need to get that second prop off too) I will let you know how it goes. If I remember I will take some photos along the way. (Not sure if you can wait for me though)


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      Yes that does help , thanks for the lead! No hurry on the pics, this I/O boat is my "other project" .
      Trying to work the bugs out of my sea-doo at the moment...

      I expect the link above post is at marine parts .com (?)
      Could not see any numbers on the front or rear of bearing . I may just give them a call and ask.

      * I did call , they told me to give the engine serial number to reference the correct part - I have to uncover the boat for the Winter and find that ID plate. Says serial # will be on the motor in several areas, air cleaner - alt bracket and or back of engine..
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        In the mean time while I am ordering the bearing, how to remove from pulley?. Do I pound on inner shaft or outer part. See pic


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          Is this what your looking for

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            Thank you, my motor is not GXi but I think most everything will apply here.on my motor. Too bad I need a bearing puller.
            I think I can follow along .


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              What did I do wrong? I do not know why the bearing stayed on the shaft. I expect that I will need to use a puller to remove the bearing from the shaft? I thought it would come out along with the housing...

              The videos on u tube show the bearing retained in the housing with a c clip. Mine is stuck on the shaft. Suggestions?
              Will there be anything keeping the bearing on the shaft?
              . Where is the c clip hiding or is there even one on this model . This is a not an injected motor . has carburetor ...
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                No problem, it is a frequent thing. My 1999, 5.0Gi was the same.
                The bearing will not be reused so just drive a wedge or screwdriver below it to lift it enough to get the puller under it.
                On reassembly USE the bearing glue. I'm not sure when they used the circlip or when they stopped using it.
                Sometimes the bearing seizes and rotates in the housing making it too slack for even the glue to work! New pump is the prefered solution then!

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                  Thanks post number 8, gotcha on using the bearing glue. Reminds me of the bearing spinning on the hub issue like on front axle bearing on old cars. Hope I can get it off and get a bearing to fit acceptalbe on shaft. New pump is big bucks so I am told .