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Parts for AQ Outdrive

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  • Parts for AQ Outdrive

    I am re- working an old AQ outdrive and it is posing a few minor part disturbances.
    I am replacing the o-ring in the top cover hollow screw. Ordered part 955989 as suggested. It is way to big. I then noticed that the hollow screw I have is part 814176 which is now obsolete. Perhaps this should be replaced by the newer hollow screw also listed 814643 which has a beveled head instead of a stud. Or is there a different o ring that should be used.

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    welcome aboard

    how are you getting your part numbers?

    follow the iBaots links to the OEM Volvo Penta store, look up your Motor/Drive combination you have and look at the parts breakdown.
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      I have done all of the searches.
      My cover has a hex stud... the new part is more of a machine screw. The part listed for the oring will not fit as it is larger than the head of the stud. It looks like the stud is correct for older unit like mine... no part listed for oring and mine came out all twisted for I can not measure.


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        no part listed for oring and mine came out all twisted for I can not measure.
        Ayuh,...... Welcome Aboard,...... Most better hardware stores will have an o-ring index,.......

        You can pick any size you want,......


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          Thats too easy no?
          I Assumebthe 955989 part is for the newer style... even though it lists it for my 250 aq.


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            The hollow hex head screw/bolt is a breather and if the pressure inside the drive becomes high it relieved through it. A good Viton oring should be used because water and oils have basically effect on them. I found that Marine Parts Express has a good selection of schematics for AQ drives plus parts.


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              should say Little effect on them.