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What 4 barrel carb fits?

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  • What 4 barrel carb fits?

    Hello all, I have a 1999 Crowline 192BR with VP 5.0GL PTWR. The Block is cracked and through all the research I have found, replacing with a 5.7 is the way to go. I plan on using the 5.0 bolts on’s, including flywheel, oil pan, manifolds/risers, etc. The 5.0 has a nice stock 4 barrel spread bore intake and a 2 barrel Holley with an adapter. I want to go with a 4 barrel carb now. I was hoping I could use a Holley 4 barrel so my gas line, electric choke, and throttle linkage would hook up to it without modification. What Holley carb will work? Do I need an adapter to make the 4 barrel Holley bolt to this 4 barrel spreadbore intake? See picture. Also any more advise on this swap is appreciated.

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    you may need to make a new fuel line, but you may get away with tweeking what you have, however a holley marine 4175 series 600cfm to 650cfm would fit just fine.

    or you can use a spread bore to square bore adapter and bolt on a 4160 series 600cfm to 650 cfm as well.

    the 4150 series is a dual feed carb

    an edelbrock 1409 marine carb would fit too, however you would need to look at the throttle linkage and fuel line
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      Thanks! So it looks like I need quicksilver #300-6QFT adapter if I go with 4175 series?

      what is the difference between the 4175 and 4160 other than 50cfm? Is one recommended over the other?


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        Also the 4175 is spreadbore, anything else different?