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oil pressure issues

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  • oil pressure issues

    i have a 2016 fourwinns with a 200 hp 4.3 l.with a sx outdrive ... never a issue untill now , i keep geting a low oil pressure alarm and check engine light after i get above 3000 rpm the pressure goes from 60 psi down to 0 and goes into limp mode if i back out of the throttle its runs fine .. it has the proper oil level and isnt leaking anything ... i had it on plain for 10 mins before the issue started ... any help would be great BTW this is a low emissions engine with a closed cooling loop
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    Might be the sender, install a mechanical gauge on a Tee fitting to verify
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      not sure if i can even get to it ..lol i had a mechanic from the marina look at it .. and he does not think its losing oil pressure in the motor, it sound fine even when the issue occurs .. i couldnt leave it with him because we were out of town at the time and i didnt want to have to come back to get it .. so i have to figure it out on my own
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        Unscrew the sender at the back of the block and screw in a mechanical gauge....that is the only way to know if you have oil pressure

        If your gauge goes to zero and and the alarm is going off, you have two sensors saying you have low oil pressure.... So unless both the gauge sender AND the pressure switch went bad, you may have low oil pressure.

        So screw in a mechanical gauge and check
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          Yeah. Check the sender. Well known to fail. Occasionaly a pain in the *** to get to on some boats. Next to the oil filter at the back port side usually