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Sea water leaking in by the outdrive. Volvo Penta DP-S

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  • Sea water leaking in by the outdrive. Volvo Penta DP-S

    Boat is a Wellcraft with a Volvo Penta DP-S outdrive, and a Volvo Penta 5.7 engine.
    I have water leaking in by the transom unit. It’s dripping on the inside from under the inner transom plate. It’s hard to see anything there to spot more exact where the leak is.
    What would be the most common place for water to get in? One of the two bellows maybe?

    I found this piece under the engine, it’s marked “Micro Prec 77-285-5938” No idea where it belongs and searching the net gives me no clue. Maybe have nothing to do with my water leak?

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    Hi. Is it defo water from outside the hull ? If so then usual suspect would be the bellows yeah. Steering arm and pin may be too. Don’t know much about the DPS to be honest. Worst case the transom shield seal it’s self. Does it get worse or better if you leave the steering and drive hard over to one side ? Usually a sign of bellows. They get stretched and compressed from one side hard over to the other hard over. Try that and see if it gets worse or better. Sounds like you need to take a good look externally at least or pull the drive off.


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      Might want to check your u-joint bellows.

      The picture is a BIC lighter --- fairly common around cigarette smokers.

      Oh, and the thing below that clips onto a hydraulic trim tab line to keep it from crimping when its bent 90°
      Good Luck Muc


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        The way you are describing the leak it may very well be the inner transom is getting soft and the outer transom shield is not sealing on the outer transom surface. Try to tighten the lower mounting nuts under the engine. This may help but you will need a new transom if that is where the leak is. Not a cheap repair.
        The piece of metal is a guide for the plastic tubes or hydraulic lines for the trim tabs or power trim to hold them in a curved position.
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          Also check the 'through hull" where your shift cable passes through. I call it a through hull but it should be a rubber tube attached to the inside of the transom.
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            Thanks for all advises, I have not put the boat in the water for the season yet. So I cannot check if the amount of water getting in changes with turning the drive.
            I will have a look at the bolts and the shifter cable. Think I will try to change the bellows as well. Have never done such a job but seen some videos on how it should be done. Hopefully I’ll make it.