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2003 Volvo Penta 5.0 GL-D Tilt Issue

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  • 2003 Volvo Penta 5.0 GL-D Tilt Issue

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the Tilt/Trim wiring. I am not getting 12Vdc to the Tilt/Trim switch. My understanding is, the Red wire should be 12vdc but, I'm not sure where this 12V comes from or how how it's wired. It seems to come from the Relay but, I'm not sure. So, the outboard is not going up or down and motor is not turning on.

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    can view/print the pages needed


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      BT Doctur, I don't see any wiring diagrams in those manuals. What I'm looking for is, the switch that's in the throttle assembly. I'm not getting 12vdc to the throttle assembly Tilt/Trim switch. So, I don't have any output to the relays that control the tilt/trim motor. I have 12Vdc from the battery to the tilt/trim relays but, when I press up/down on the tilt/trim switch in the throttle assembly, I don't have any output. So, I'm trying to find where that input comes from or why/where I'm losing it.


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        Would help if we knew what throttle assy you had. Singe or dual controls
        No power after the relay? Maybe just swap the relay with another one. Maybe it's bad
        Then ohm out the switch. Maybe it's bad.
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          VP wiring diagrams for the tilt/trim system are in the drive manuals, at the end.
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            It's an single throttle 3 wires Red, Blue and Green to the throttle tilt/trim switch . The tilt/trim switch is in the handle of the throttle ashy. The Blue and Green wires send 13vdc to the relays when you press up or down. The Red wire, supplies 12vdc to the tilt/trim switch that is in the throttle assay. When you press up/down, it completes the circuit and sends 12vdc from the red wire, to the blue or green (depending on which direction you are pressing).

            I am not getting 12vdc to the red wire at the throttle ashy switch. So, the tilt/trim relays are not engaging b/c they are not receiving the 12vdc from the tilt/trim switch in the throttle assy.

            these are brand new relays. That's what I thought the original problem was...till I started checking voltage inputs.


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              Can you short out at the pump assembly to get it to run ? That would tell you a lot.


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                QBhoy. I just tried to short 12vdc from the battery directly to the Tilt/Trim motor. The motor does not respond. I guess I have a bad motor.
                I still don't understand why I'm not getting 12Vdc from the Tilt/Trim switch in the throttle assy to the Tilt/Trim relays, unless it's b/c the motor is bad. Looking at the relay diagram, I should have 12vdc from the Tilt/Trim switch to the relay.
                Guess I'll start with a new Tilt/Trim motor 1st.
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                  Sound like a motor maybe.

                  So not even a clicking noise when pressing the trim button ? Down or up ? Weird. Maybe your problem is before the trim system. Can you take 12v direct from the battery onto the motor ? Just to make sure


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                    Yeah. Seems like a bad motor since directly connecting 12vdc to the motor and it's not turning on.

                    So, Here's what I've done, tested the voltage from the Tilt/Trim switch at the relay. No voltage when pressing the tilt/trim switch. I ohmed out the wiring from the switch to the relay (Blue and Green Wire). The wiring from the switch to the Up/Down relay is good.

                    There are 3 wires at the Tilt/Trim switch. A red wire that supplies should provide 12vdc to the switch, a Blue wire and Green wire. When you press up/down, the switch completes the circuit and sends 12V to the Blue or Green wire, depending on whether you press up or down. I am not getting 12vdc on the red wire to the switch.
                    So, when I press the tilt/Trim switch, no voltage is going to the relay. So, the relays are not engaging.

                    This is why in my 1st post, I was trying to get a wiring diagram to figure out where the 12vdc into the tilt/trim switch in the throttle is fed from