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Twin 4.3GXI - now that I have access, what would you change?

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  • Twin 4.3GXI - now that I have access, what would you change?

    In the process of changing manifolds and risers after 15 years (and signs of moisture in one engines oil and also in the exhaust passage). My boat is a Monterey 282 which has virtually no access to back side of engines. Now that risers and manifolds are off, I can finally access back side of engines! Planned on changing distributor caps and rotors - just because I am there. I have no running issues. Is this a smart thing to do? Should I be changing something else? Should I change spark plug wires? Appreciate any advice on what I should tackle whilst I have access to the backside of engines. Thanks

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    What your doing is good, and keep one set of cap and rotor in case there are other issues in the future. So far as plug wires, not a bad idea but may not be needed IMO
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      Change the cap and rotor for sure. Grease up the steering components for sure
      If you have a grease nipple on the output shaft into inner transom shield, grease that for sure.
      Check the water intake hose from the drive, it's fitting and condition..

      All good


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        While you can, I`d change the distributor cap, rotor, wires and plugs. Sounds like it may have been a few years since it may have been done.
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