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1999 Volvo penta 4.3 shutting off after 15 minutes of under load

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    Originally posted by Crazychris1999 View Post
    Alldodge , I replaced the module on the distributor and the pick up inside of the distributor
    Without more testing I have nothing else to offer
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      Are you losing spark, fuel or both?
      i think the point that AllDodge is trying to make is that parts replacement is a poor substitute for testing.
      At this point you have spent a lot of time and money replacing a lot of parts. There is now a very good possibility that you have installed a bad part or made a mistake during the parts swapping.

      So, when your engine stops after 10 minutes.
      Are you missing

      ​​​​​​​if you can answer that question, one of us will be happy to help you learn how to troubleshoot your problem.
      Good Luck Muc


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        Hi I have 1999 Volvo Penta boat, it stalls after 10 minutes of driving and loses spark, it starts back up after a few minutes and dies again, I’ve replaced every electrical component and wire harness, can anyone help please??!!!!


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          I’m losing spark, it’s like something is getting hot


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            When you lose spark. What voltage is at the purple wire where it plugs into the coil?
            Good Luck Muc