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Shift cable

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  • Shift cable

    I have a 2004 Volvo OSI-EF with XDP drive on my Steigercraft 25'. I have to change my shift cable (teleflex extreme) every couple years as it gets stiff. The end of the cable by the drive is submerged in saltwater 8 months a year. It is a bit of a pain to change it out. Any maintenance or procedures to get more time out of one of these shift cables?

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    Try lubricating them annually. Buy a 2’ length of clear hose that will fit over your shift cable... slide it on and clamp it tight... pour in atf... slide a male fitting for your air compressor and clamp it tight.. hook up to 40 psi and watch for the atf to come out the other end...


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      That sounds like a good idea SD2600. Ill give it a try. Ill do it from the helm side so any contaminants will be flushed out.


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        Works for me, but my boat lives on a trailer..