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New to me boat, melted exhaust

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    Any reason to go searching for broken pieces in y-pipe/transom connection? I have the new parts, minus the riser gaskets I'm ordering. The impeller looks brand new, no broken fins. Replacing anyway.


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      I would look, just to be on the safe side in the event the flappers were not removed and burnt off and are sitting at the bottom of the y-pipe. if you have a bore scope, makes looking easy.
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        I'll bet they are. When I had my overheat, one was still on the pin the other was in the bottom of the exhaust housing, had to pull the drive to get it out. The flapper is rubber covered fiberglass.
        BTW, that is not the only damage you can have. The water tube grommets in the outdrive which seal the upper and lower ends of the water tube, carrying water from the water intakes to the upper gear housing can be melted too by the hot exhaust, if they ran long enough. That alone can cause another overheat. If it still overheats, that's what I'd be checking next.

        I don't 100% agree with removing the flappers. If you do, I'd look into removing the exhaust bellows and using an inboard style flapper on the exhaust opening on the gimble housing, just like inboard boats have.
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