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Remove Steering Arm Volvo Penta SX-MHP

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  • Remove Steering Arm Volvo Penta SX-MHP

    I have a 2005 Larson Cabrio with a 5.7 GXI-F and DP-SM outdrive. Despite the DP-SM designation in the plate, the Gimbal Ring/Steering Arm setup is IDENTICAL to a SX-MHP. Does anybody know the bolt/thread size for making a removal tool to take the arm off? It does appear that the bore/threads start off larger, then after 3/4" of depth, they narrow to 3/8", which is the size of the bolt shown. I have attached some photos to illustrate what I'm seeing. I tried to hook a rig up to the bottom side of the Gimbal Ring bar to try to pull it off with a slide hammer, but the angle is wrong. Also, SELOC mentions a "holder tool" on page 10-67, Fig. 249. Is this meant for this unit? Any help on this is appreciated!
    Bolt/washer into steering arm. Uncovered "Slide Hammer" rig---won't work.

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    Why are you removing it? I have a service manual at home I can check later tonight for you.


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      I have had a slow, dripping leak into the bilge and it's likely the O-ring on the steering knuckle. The bearing (bushing) is also sloppy. I can wiggle the knuckle about 1/8" either way. There is not a lot of clearance between the top of the unit and the bottom of my swim platform, so access from the top to pound on it is limited...even though that is probably not a good idea anyways. And thank you for checking for me. I really appreciate it.


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        Do you by chance have twin engines? I do and am rebuilding/sealing both of my DP-SM drives 1 had water in it. I am waiting for the spanner wrench that is back ordered still. I am also going thru my steering. My boat seemed to have some steering issues. At times at speed 2 drives seemed to wander a bit? IDK thou it is my first boat. I may have to check those steering arms. Ihave engines out and drives off so everything is accessible.


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          No, I have a single engine, but no wandering issues. My wild guess is, unless broken, the steering arms may be ok. The problem might be in the steering hydraulics?


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            Yes I am going thru the steering actuator also


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              Did you see anything in your repair manual about the removal process? Does any body else have ideas



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