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tips on buying a used 290 dp

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  • tips on buying a used 290 dp

    What to look for in a used 290 dp?

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    for your needs, a complete setup

    preferably fresh water only

    well maintained

    low hours

    keep in mind your looking at 30 year old drives
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      Although really well engineered drives, if not over engineered...they have one or two weak points.
      The most common of which are;

      water ingress through the bloody oil drain screw seal. I used to silicone over the plug after each oil change

      The trim pump (if original) has a habit of passing at the valves inside the pump. This means the drive will slowly creep down, at best...and fall down at worst.

      Check the stare of rhe cone clutch too, if you are able. Test by making sure it doesn’t slip or delay going in and out of gear after it’s warmed up and been running fast. These are a pain to do at best, and expensive to do, if by a dealer, at worst.

      Oh and the pins you need to take out to remove the drive can be stubborn if not out annually.


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        ask Rick on the www.baylinerownersclub.org
        or Ricardo on marine engine dot com
        Same person, knows these inside and out.

        I passed on a nice '89 Steigercraft Miami with a new crate engine because it had one of these. I always heard they were good but here in salt water mechanics don't like to work on old drives and especially ones where all the parts might not be available. I know from experience (OMC owner) its more difficult the older these things get. However I can still get good quality rebuild Cobra drives for a reasonable price. I wound up teaching myself to do the shift linkage adjustment that many mechanics won't touch. With the right tools and some patience it is easy.
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          Sorry for the delay in getting back to you computer issue thank you both very much


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            Hello again I found the complete setup from a fresh water boat. I plan on replacing the u joints the gimbal/ transom bearing whatever volvo calls it. should I stay with volvo parts or are there better choices for bearings u joints etc?


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              Check the reverse locking mechanism too.


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                Thank you for your replies I was told to check the oil for water metal etc don't buy it with props on do a pressure check. if possible check it out on running boat so you can see how it goes in and out of gear