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aq140a timing

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  • aq140a timing

    Hey guys
    I am pretty sure my timing belt has slipped and have a new belt, tensioner and spring on the way. now my questions is regarding the markings. From the forums on here and other pages it says the top and bottom sprockets are supposed to line up with a mark about 12 o'clock and the smaller one around 3. My top sprocket has 2 marks around 11 and 1 on the outside (lining up with either side of the valve cover. I am thinking of paying a mechanic to come and put it in properly. but this should be an easy enough job just not too sure how to line the top one up. Is this common and maybe I have missed a marks somewhere.
    Any advise appreciated

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    what does the factory manual say?

    you can view the manual here http://boatinfo.no/lib/library.html

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      If you have the genuine Volvo or a good quality replacement, the belt is marked with yellow stripes that line up with the sprockets. The lower sprocket lines up with a flat extension . Remove the spark plugs to make lining up the crankshaft. The cam is a little bit of a challenge as the sprocket needs to be locked in position. If it gives you a problem remove the cam cover and bite the smooth sections of the cam with 2 vise grip pliers opposite of each other. After the belt is on spin the engine over and if everything is lined up the marks will “walk” back around to where they were when you first installed it. Usually around 20 full reveloutions. If the sprockets are rusted they need to be removed and glass bead blasted otherwise the rust will chew the belt up in a short time.
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        I have the manual and it only states how to remove it and that there are markings to follow, which doesn't help me at all. But I will wait for the new belt to arrive and try out what kenny says