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Leaking Steering Pin

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  • Leaking Steering Pin

    Is there any new knowledge regarding this problem?

    I removed my gimbal ring three times within two weeks now. The upper steering bearing was leaking about 1 drop every 3 seconds.

    On my first try I just replaced the O-ring with a new one. The old one was visibly flattened on the inside. This reduced leaking only a little.

    Then I replaced upper and lower steering bearings and stud (and O-ring again). I also shimmed the bearing with those plastic washers as described in the workshop manual. But it was again leaking a bit.

    I removed the gimbal ring a third time to check everything and replaced the O-ring once more. It looked dry for two days, but after two hours of driving it is leaking about 1 drop every 5 minutes again.

    Now I will haul out the boat a 4th time and try again.

    This time a am considering using a different (slightly thicker) O-ring instead of genuine Volvo Penta. The original seems to be 45x3.5mm and is very soft. It is much softer than usual NBR70 material.

    Did anyone already experiment with different O-ring sizes and materials?

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    Sorry RheinSkipper, this thread is over 6 years old. Please refer to our forums rules with regards to old threads.

    Thread closed.

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      RheinSkipper Welcome aboard.

      Moved your post out of this 6+ year old thread -

      Please start a new thread that members will see. Most of us ignore re-opened old threads.

      Chris - I was in process of moving it while you were posting.
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        Maybe a little more info?
        Year? Model? Salt water? Location?
        Fill out the profile and signature.

        When you reinstalled did you lube the o-ring?

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