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Nee dhelp with morse shift cable - Volvo AQ231a

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  • Nee dhelp with morse shift cable - Volvo AQ231a

    Hi all -- need to replace 2 shift cables (same numbers at helm) - 301947-003-0276 0 22982. Are these 27ft cables? Boat is a twin 350 AQ231a duo prop -

    cables are red morse if that helps.. cant figure out if these are 22ft or 27ft (the boat is about 26ft long) - so possibly 22ft? cant find an exact match on the numbers

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    did some googling and found that morse list cables in lengths in inches, 276 inches = 23ft! sounds right.


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      Yup 23ft. A bit longer won't hurt a bit.
      Shorter will

      They sell a fitting at home depot that screws on the end of the old cable
      and on the end of the new.
      Then just pull the cable through.

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        The thread on the end of the cables is 10-32.
        Spend some more $ and get the “Morse Supreme” versions. Depending on how the hose that the shift cable has to go through is located and the bends it has can be a challenge to use the old cable to pull the replacement one through. You may have to feed the cable from in the boat to the outdrive.
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