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Volvo Penta Sx-M 1.60 ratio

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  • Volvo Penta Sx-M 1.60 ratio

    hi all, new forum member here. i picked up a 2001 monterey montura 218ls with a brand new 5.0gl motor. the outdrive had 20 hours on it, but the previous owner hit something with it and chipped the gears in the upper portion of the drive. i have decided to rebuild the outdrive myself with my father who has rebuilt his outdrive as well. so my question is where do i find the shims that i need, or a shim pack needed in this? its my understanding that if i get new gears, they are a matched set so i cannot re use the shims that are currently in the outdrive now. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!

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    You need the Volvo factory manual for this job. Read it before you disassemble the drive.

    If you post the drive serial number we can tell you which one you need.

    It it is best to go thru the lower at this time because Volvo has very good lube circulation and the lower is contaminated. Trying to “flush” it don’t work. Replace all seals while your in there.

    Volvo doesn’t sell shim packs. They are sold individually. Might want to order 2 of each.

    This job needs more than a few special tools and some advanced mechanics tools. Like a rolling torque wrench and dial indicator. Like I said, read the manual. It’s sometimes better have a pro do this job because if you screw it up and ruin a shaft or a case. It can get $$$$$$ fast.

    Hint. When it comes time to check and adjust the gear pattern. Go to a GM dealer and get their yellow paste. It’s much easier to see than the blue stuff.
    Good Luck Muc


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      I have the manual for the sterndrive. Do you by chance know if i can swap out my drive for a dps-m drive? If so is it a straight forward swap? Maybe i can find a used boat real cheap with my drive in it. Just unsure of what year range i can look for. Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it!