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VP 5.7 GXI-j Setting Distributor T

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    Originally posted by BRICH1260 View Post
    I`ve got a follow up question. My distributor is installed in what I believe to be the correct setting at TDC. I took an old cap and drilled a 1" hole right next to #1 cap terminal and installed it on the distributor. I can see the rotor and cap post clearly, they are lined up.

    For an initial setting, before using a scan tool to set retard, should the two be perfectly centered, lined up with each other or is it best to slightly rotate the cap so that the rotor is slightly offset to the advance or retard side of the cap post.
    You have identified THE issue, and "cam retard" doesn't address this. You want to RETARD the distributor base a few degree, so as the spark timing advances, the rotor and terminal line up better. Split the difference. It's counter-intuitive no doubt, but think about it. As timing advances, the spark occurs sooner.

    I like your method best. Forget all the scan tool crap.

    "Cam retard" told the computer which 360 degree rotation the engine was on, so the sequential fuel injection was clocked correctly.


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      Regapping the plug gap reduces the voltage to fire the plug, reducing the likelyhood of crossfire. It'd GM's spec, not mine, and it's THEIR POS distributor.