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New Gimbal Bearing (Volvo Penta # 21752712)

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  • New Gimbal Bearing (Volvo Penta # 21752712)

    Hi everyone,

    Quick question regarding the new Volvo Penta gimbal bearing # 21752712; is this sealed?
    As per pics, are the new gimbal bearings completely sealed not requiring greasing....its still has the zerk fitting hole but it may be just to allow grease to travel through and out.

    Does anyone know if the grease actually gets to bearings or does it just channel through and out?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Since it has the hole, its not a sealed bearing. You have to line up the outside first with the hole, then line the hole up with the grease hole in the gimbal housing BEFORE pressing it into place. Make sure you grease it thoroughly before using, since its a new bearing.


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      good to know. thanks.


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        May I suggest you swivel the bearing in the alloy outer housing and have a look for a hole in the outer race of the bearing. If none is visible, then you have a sealed bearing. However if there is one then follow Kdiddle's instructions.

        By the way the 2 cut-outs in the alloy housing are to allow the bearing to be assembled into the housing and conversely removed.

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