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Volvo Penta AQ151B Cheaper Rebuild option

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  • Volvo Penta AQ151B Cheaper Rebuild option

    Hello All, I have stumbled across a rebuild option that is considerably cheaper than V/P parts (if there even available). You can purchase 145mm forged h-beam connecting rods ($200 set of 4) for the B230 Volvo engine, forged Weisco or similar pistons ($500-600 set of 4 with rings and pins and oversize available) and have the deck shaved .039" while its in for bore/hone job. A higher performance, roughly 9.2:1 ratio (91+ octane fuel) engine is the result. You may also need to purchase an adjustable cam pulley ($90) to get the timing perfect. This with a weber carb should get you about 175-180HP. I am in the process of doing this myself for both my engines with the only exception being I am running a slightly lower C/R due to running superchargers (Eaton M45's, 220-230HP output).Yes, I do realize a V8 conversion makes more sense but I do not have the clearance from exhaust manifold to manifold (even with 60° Ford Windsor's); so superchargers it is.

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    A correction to the above, the pistons are not stock type Volvo B230 pistons. They are considered "stroker" pistons in Europe and are mildly custom (although available off the shelf)