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EFI fogging concoction recipe?

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    It is surprising the difference in the fuel vs 2 stroke oil mix between Merc and VP. 50:1 is like 2 %, Merc is 5x as rich on the oil? Still have a carb so still do it the old fashioned way. My 4.3 will not stall unless I use 2 cans simultaneously. However judging by the amount of condensation I see on the outside of the engine in winter I think fogging is definitely worth doing...I wonder how many cases of stuck valves were caused by not fogging in a damp winter climate....
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      Must admit, for the last 20 odd years of owning gm engines, I never fogged them and they were fine. I occasionally put a shot of 2 stroke down the plug holes of my old carb variants.
      But...more recently I have been following the manual on my merc mpi and running 2 stroke through it. I never bother with the remote tank hassle. Just run it really low in tank and mix some in with that. Run it for a while and put the boat on trailer for winter. No problems so far.