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Volvo Penta 5.7 gxi-f with DP-SM (2004 Monterrey 265)

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  • Volvo Penta 5.7 gxi-f with DP-SM (2004 Monterrey 265)

    Hi all,

    Quick question, have owned this boat for two years now and today is the first time i had this issue where;

    *the boat when first started began to make a clicking/tapping/screeching noise and then shut down.

    *Never gave me any issue restarting and when I attempted to restart took many turn overs to start and even then it struggled to stay idling in neutral

    *Eventually was able to get to plane out, after 20 minutes it shut down completely; when i attempted to restart; it struggled to stay idling while having a tap/knocking/screeching noise as if a piece of the belt was flapping and hitting the bilge inside of compartment hatch

    Any thoughts what this can be? it is not overheating.

    Was thinking maybe bad coil, relay, cables/rotor, flywheel?

    Not sure; but any suggestions would really be appreciated so I can begin researching and troubleshooting.

    Thank you for your time,

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    did you look in the bilge and try to identify the issue while someone else cranks up the motor. watch the pulleys to make sure they are turning.

    did your alternator rust up over winter/

    do you boat in salt water?

    did your raw water pump eat itself

    do you have power steering fluid in the reservoir?

    it is NEVER the coil.....EVER......

    the clicking/screeching noise would rule out the coil, cables, dizzy, wires, plugs, etc. anyway.

    back to question number 1.... did you look in the bilge?
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      Suggest taking the serpentine belt off and turn the alternator, power steering pump and water pump by hand. See if they turn easy and no grinding or roughness
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        update...was a faulty fuel pump connection making it run too lean. Thank you all.


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          Glad you got it sorted. To that point, was it Plumbing or Electrical?
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            electrical plug that limited power to the one of the fuel pump zones