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Penta Steering Acutator Removal Question.

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  • Penta Steering Acutator Removal Question.

    There are two large bolts that had cotter pins. I removed them as did I the other two in the end by the link. These things don't move at al. No rust or anything, the damn bolts don't turn no matter what. Anyone have that issue?

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    post up a picture, hard for me to figure which bolts you are talking about.
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      Originally posted by dennis461 View Post
      post up a picture, hard for me to figure which bolts you are talking about.

      Good idea and thanks. Its the two bolts with the arrows in the pic. Pins are removed but the colts don't budge


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        I had to do the same thing a few months ago. They will turn. I got mine of with a standard ratchet. Maybe they put locktite on them. If you have a rattle gun that might break them loose. I had the hardest time with the ones you already got out. I know their in a tight location but maybe a box wrench and a hammer might break them loose. Once loosened, they came out by hand. As a side note ,when you reassemble the unit I put the pin that holds the shaft on before installing, as it was hard to get to when in place. On the pin that swings the drive I used a spring pin like one on a trailer hitch pin. This was much easier for me rather than the cotter pin, as I could slide it right in. Also I cleaned all the pins with fine Emory cloth, and lightly greased them. Dave-R
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          My threads appeared to have loctite. Try some heat.
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